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Friday, May 30, 2008


JuSt A BoY

We know that the new Pokemon games are Diamond and Pearl on DS, Aussie-Nintendo has said that a new game named Pokemon Platinum on DS which is the remaked version of Pokemon D'P. Its just like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with their remaked version Pokemon Emerald. A magazine named Coro-Coro magazine their latest magazine was released in Japan where Aussie-Nintendo got their information. Pokemon Platinum features Giratina as you see in 1st picture.

Team Galactic are after along the "Origin Form" never seen before in a pokemon game.
Other new features include two characters or protagonists are dressed in a new outfit and a new battle interface.

Just like in Emerald, both Pokemon from the previous games are present in this title, whether they are able to be caught is still unknown.

www.Aussie-Nintendo.com has said that a new game will be released in September 2008 in Japan and in Austrailia Q2 2009.

JuSt A BoY

I am Jude Salvador P. Buelva call me Jude for short :), 10 years old, I live in Naga city, Camarines Sur in Bicol. I am having classes at Naga Parochial School and a Grade 5 student. I am cute, 70% smart, handsome hehehehe :D, and playful. I like people with good attitude and smart like he/she knows what to say and who likes sports too especially Basketball hehehe :) . Nintendo DS player? Send me a list of your games at my email adress. Thank you very much!

Posts here in my blog will be about myself, games, and News(from the T.V. or Web)

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JuSt A BoY

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My Name is Jude

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